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Travel Questions
Is a Passport required?

Yes, everyone traveling with you will need a passport. Click Here to learn everything you need to know about the US Passport process. 

Do I need travel insurance?

Travel insurance is not required, although highly recommended. You will be required to deny insurance in writing if you do not wish to have it.

What is TSA Precheck? Is it necessary?

TSA PreCheck is a  program that expedites traveler screening through TSA security checkpoints. It is not required, but can be nice to have. If you are interested in learning more - click here

What are Exclusive Nonstop  Flights?

​Funjet and Apple Vacations  Exclusive Nonstop Flights is our exclusive way to save you money and get you on vacation faster. Our nonstop flights are offered for departures out of major cities across the US to popular vacation destinations and include special fares that save you money. 

  • Nonstop and round trip.

  • Money-saving because Funjet buys at a discounted rate.

  • Limited availability—act fast.

Can I book Exclusive Nonstop  Flights for only one portion of my trip?

​Unfortunately this is a change that Funjet/Apple Vacations has made that you must book them as a package.

What days are  Exclusive Nonstop Vacation   available?

They are available now from Milwaukee to Punta Cana are on Sundays, Tuesday's, and Thursday's.  

What are the COVID  protocols for traveling?

These are constantly changing, so to have the most up to date information please check here -

Is transportation included?

It depends on the vacation selected. It will be noted in your quote / review if it is included or an extra cost. Transportation options are in the "Add-On" section of the quote/vacation review

Are checked bags included?

No, but these can be added at the time of quote/booking. 

Swift air Baggage Policy

• 1st Checked Bag: Pre-pay for the first checked bag 3 days or more prior to departure for $25 per bag/per flight when booking with a travel advisor or directly with your vacation provider. Baggage fees should be purchased based on the total number of checked bags needed for all traveling on the reservation. Please note that the number of checked bags should not exceed your reservation party size. Any passengers that do not pre-pay the baggage fee will be charged $30 per first checked bag/per flight at time of airport check-in (payable by credit card only).

• 2nd Checked Bag: Available based on space limitations at time of airport check-in. If available, the charge is $100 roundtrip payable at the airport by credit card only.

• Personal Item: FREE (Must fit under the seat in front of you)

• Carry-on Bag: FREE • Baggage Details: o Checked bag restrictions – Maximum 50lbs and not to exceed 62” o Carry-on bag restrictions – Maximum 22lbs and not to exceed 22”x13”x8” o First checked bag free with the purchase of Preferred Perks Plus or Premium Class optional seat selection (seat upgrades available in limited quantities on select flights)

If booking yourself through our Group Link these can be purchased as an "Add-On" 

Once you have selected everything and you get to the "Review Your Trip" page scroll down and look for Add-Ons. 

Here you can filter by Flight Options. This will give you the option to add bags, upgrade your seating, and flight experience. 

What are my parking options at the Milwaukee airport?

There are several different options from onsite and indoors to good neighbor hotels that offer free parking with a nights stay. 

Here is a good resource to provide you with parking options: 

What is eTicket  and do I need it?

eTicket is the customs form required to enter and exit the Dominican Republic. It can be filled out prior to travel through their website. You will need to have the QR code ready when entering the country. 

For more details : 

Resort Questions
Do the restaurants have a dress code?
Can I select my room? 

Yes, Once your reservation is secured you can go to the hotel website and select the exact room you would like. There is a $60 fee for this service. 

Can I bring my kids? 

Unfortunately this is an Adults only resort

Can you drink the water  at the resort?

Drinking purified bottled water is recommended and available everywhere in the Dominican Republic. Hotels and restaurants use purified water to clean and cook their food and make ice for their ice machines. Tourists are recommended not to drink the tap water. People with sensitive stomachs are recommended to use bottled water to brush your teeth. Because you are traveling to a different ecological environment away from your body is used to ingesting, the microbes in the water in the Dominican Republic may affect some people very adversely.

What kind of outlets are there? Do I need a special cord to plug in my electronic? 

No, the US charging cords, curling irons, etc. will work here. 

What do I need to bring?
Here is a list of recommended items   to bring and what to leave at home:

  • Leave beach towels behind - the resort has plenty 

  • If you are bringing kids and have an iPhone we recommend Apple Air Tags with the bracelet attachment to keep tabs on little ones as the have a good time. For Android users Tile is another good option.​​

  • Lots of sunscreen

  • Any medications you might need both over the counter and prescription

  • Passport

  • Chargers for all electronic devices

  • Hats 

  • Sunglasses

  • Bug spray

  • Floaties for the pool / dive toys / sports balls

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